Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Open to Whatever Unfolds

I'm going on a mission in Kenya. Ten days to a place called Migori where Kenya Relief is located. I'm open to whatever unfolds. So far it has been amazing and I haven't even left North America.

I mentioned my impending mission to my dear friend and former chemo guru (my lifesaver), Donna Valentine and she said, "Can I go?" Donna never does anything without months of planning. We figured it out, got all our shots,  mosquito repellent, and permission from the Kenyans. She's going! We're going. I feel safer with my friend there. Who get's to go on a mission and bring their doctor/physician assistant? I'm so lucky.

Curtis and Devry Coghlan are resident missionaries. Devry was my first mentor in this life. I have idolized the ground she walks on for over twenty-five years. She's unbelievable. I can't wait to spend a few minutes with these fabulous people in their life of the last three years. I never imagined Devry or I would exist in this world today in the manner that we exist. I moved to the ocean and Devry moved to Africa. I'm not sure that's fair, but that's life.

LAX to London to Nairobi and transportation to Migori. I will see you from Africa real soon. I'm open to whatever unfolds.


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