Sunday, December 31, 2017

Where did the Year go?

WELCOME to the New Year. . . 

Another day in your life, a new beginning, as is every moment, second, minute, hour, day, and year.

It's Happening!

Enjoy the ride.

Note: When the ride is over, start another one because being done is being done.

Monday, December 25, 2017

I believe

As a child, I didn't know that Christmas wasn't a universal holiday. 

I always thought everybody enjoyed that magical feeling that swirled through my insides as THE big day approached. Christmas equaled magic. How did that old fat guy, Santa Claus do it? How did he get into our house and leave a myriad of toys under our fake tree? 

As an angst driven teenager, I discovered the trickery behind the inclusive Christmas holiday. Sadly, that twirling butterfly feeling I'd experienced completely disappeared. How foolish of me to believe magic existed. The world was surely a dark place and I was a pawn in a scheme against . . . something.

But then I grew out of my dark phase and eventually realized magic truly does exist in every moment of everyday. This evolution of mine occurred over time and it's not easily pinpointed to a single event. Maybe it was surviving advanced cancer or maybe it was wisdom in aging—however the transformation took place, I sure am grateful for my multi-demonsional vision. 

Magic is everywhere, you can't miss it. Just look and you shall see.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Unabashed Joy: A life Mission

I travelled with my friends, Annie and Lynda in October, last year. Napa Valley and wine tasting after a weekend at Hoffman Institute for a refresh of the original Hoffman course. We stayed in an Air BnB artist loft and fully engaged in the local culture (ahem). During our preparation for a night out, Annie stated that she was going to develop a mission statement for her life. What a fabulous idea.

I followed Annie's lead. Bravo for her wisdom. I put into words that which I'd been living for the previous few years. I'd listened to Abraham-Hicks so much that I could almost hear Esther coaching me through my one sentence mission statement.

My mission in life is to inspire others by living a life of joy. 

Is my mission statement fool proof? No. But searching for joy in every waking day is a long way from where I stood five, ten years ago. My life is interesting. From walking to the postoffice, to meeting the locals in Kenya, to living at the beach—my adventures have only just begun.

Thank you Annie for helping me focus on my mission. I am truly blessed.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

When Everything is Over

Do you ever think about the end? 

Most people muddle through each day paying little attention to commonplace occurrences that string together a life. Sometimes I wonder what's wrong with all of us? Why do we put so much emphasis on most of the things that in the end will not matter? I don't want to relive all the years I rushed through my days with my mind distracted on meetings, deadlines, and how others were perceiving me. And I certainly don't want to focus on the end of me. I just want to fully engage in this existence and get the most out of my time on this planet. When my end arrives, I hope to say, "That was an awesome experience."