Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Greatest Inspiration

I believe that writing is like life and finding inspiration in life can be as easy as opening your eyes. I'm sitting at the window looking at the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Orange, yellow, and peach—all colors that are dancing in the reflection on top of the sea and blowing up my window in the best possible way. People spread out across the sand every night at the same time. They seem to come from everywhere and pay homage to the sunset. Even when it’s not so beautiful, I always see folks up and down the coast looking out at the sunset, being inspired. Life is great.

Right now, the first thing that pops into my head about inspiration are the moments that I used to miss when everything else got in the way—before I battled stage IV cancer.

Today, I'm inspired by the flower that bloomed outside my door and shines so bright, the man that helped his son on the sidewalk until the kid is riding upright on his bicycle for the first time, my neighbor that saved the dog with three legs, my dad who had brain surgery and walked away a day later, my niece who managed to get her masters degree while raising two young kids, the stranger that helped the elderly woman stand up when she fell down, the every day heroics that take place right in front of me.

Who is my greatest inspiration? The best part of humanity that still exists and can be seen when we open our eyes and really look at what's going on around us. You are my greatest inspiration.

Tomorrow my greatest inspiration might be someone or something else, but I promise you I'll be inspired.

Use this link for morphing video of bald pictures transitioning through recovery:      


Roni Teson is the author of Twist and Heaven or Hell. She is also a survivor. www.roniteson.com

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